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The History of Hvidbjerg Vinduet

Established by Merchant Niels Langergaard and painter Bjarne Michaelsen.

Established by Isolar A/S.

Shares acqured by Plastmo A/S.

Taken over by Hvidbjerg Vinduet A/S as per 01.12.1993.

Shares of Plastmo A/S are acquired by ACO.

Hvidbjerg Vinduet A/S initiates the timber/aluminium product range.

Hvidbjerg A/S establishes production unit for timber/aluminium in Struer.  The painted timber parts are bought outhouse.

Hvidbjerg A/S establishes production unit of approx. 6,000sqm for timber/aluminium production in Nors.

Hvidbjerg A/S moves the timber/aluminium production from Struer to Nors.  Hereby consolidating all manufacturing of timber/aluminium in Nors.

ACO Nordic A/S forms part of the German group ACO-Severin Ahlmann Holding GmbH